About Yavi Clothing

Studio Yavi is a fashion brand that will often leave you speechless. It combines the indigenous and ancient craft of textile making with both modern and classical art, creating soulful products which are woven from the fabric of dreams. Each piece is hand-made by skilled craftsmen and tells a unique and individual story that will translate to your very own personality.

Yavi clothing incorporates traditional hand-crafting and hand-painting techniques that all contribute to the poetry of their floating and effervescent designs. Made from luxurious and natural materials, like silk and velvet, these clothes are veritable works of art, combining a standard of superior quality with an oriental design focus that is both distinct and bold. Yavi is deeply concerned with the luscious textures and physical sensations that characterize many of their clothes, and this reverberates through all their designs and clothes, from their long, stylish velvet coats to their flowing, silk dresses.

Yavi’s name originates from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘conjoining of the earth with the heavens.’ Only once you have worn and seen Yavi clothing will you truly understand the magnitude and accuracy of that statement. With an innovative and constantly developing design focus, they are rapidly becoming one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring boutique fashion brands.

Yavi Clothing – traditional, hand-crafted clothing with a modern, oriental twist.

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