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Vetono Clothing is a German fashion label, which started back in 2000. Vetono creates fashion for the modern woman. Embracing fashion-forward styles with everyday comfort.

The Vetono Clothing Story

Vetono creates two capsule collection every year. With every Vetono clothing collection featuring the very best material qualities with primarily close-to-nature fabrics.  With precise cuts. and relaxed styles the Vetono collections offer wearers a lot of leeway and an array of endless possibilities for figure-friendly looks. Focussing on feminine lines Vetono emphasise the beauty of their wearers, and understands a perfect fit is simply a must!

The choice of materials underlines the premium quality of the Vetono collections. Flowing fabrics and out-of-the-ordinary knitwear are at the heart of Vetono clothing signature style. Great quality materials combined with a variety of expressive designs, means Vetono really does have something for everyone.  Exclusive prints lend an exciting touch, and at the same time signature marks of colours highlight individual collections.

Vetono women are able to concentrate on the important things in life because they are always at the forefront of style with their looks. They radiate confidence, joie de vivre, individuality and sensuality.

Vetono Stockists UK

At Colmers Hill we are thrilled to be a Vetono UK Stockist and know these fashion-forward yet comfortable styles are perfect for our customers.

Shop Vetono online or instore, at our beautiful Dorset boutique. We always love to see our customers pop in for a browse and a chat!

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