About Simclan

Simclan is a German fashion brand that offers a “refreshing nonchalance with refined styling.” The distinctive label burst onto the scene in 1981 and has since become renowned for its sophisticated cuts, high-quality materials, sustainable practices, and use of natural products. At times, the brand experiments with extravagant and interesting styles, but always by using simple and contemporary design elements.

Simclan embraces the varied nature of clothing, creating pieces that are casual, romantic, sporty, and feminine at the same time. They present two yearly collections, which always embrace the natural and offer women the opportunity to express themselves in a way that isn’t restrictive. Intricate patterns, unique fabrics, and classic colours create timeless pieces that are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

As a brand that always pays homage to the past, Simclan is also a fantastic choice for lovers of vintage, as they frequently use fabric patches, embroidery, prints, and piece-dyeing in their collections. These techniques are often combined with modern styles in a truly innovative and experimental manner.