Rino & Pelle

About Rino and Pelle Clothing

Rino and Pelle are all about fusing the intricate memories of the future with a deep respect and awareness of city life and modern clothing, in a beautiful stitched fashion that both honours and revolutionizes contemporary clothing.

Founded in 1987, this innovative Dutch brand takes its inspiration from old city centres and the bustling streets, full of life, diversity and modernity. Rino and Pelle focuses on a clean aesthetic by using classic designs and materials, giving you that undisputed wow factor that is both chic and modern. Durable, high-quality, and timeless are perfect ways to describe these artworks, which never compromise on the way they make you feel and express yourself.

Rino and Pelle clothing is particularly suited for the modern woman who is aware of the deep historical traditions that fashion is often built upon. After all, clothing is but a mere representation of the way we live and the things we place importance on. Rino and Pelle does this in such a way that is both elegant and comfortable, without compromising on the vision that brought it so much success.

As part of the AMFORI, Rino and Pelle are committed to the production of sustainable clothes, promoting open trade, responsible sourcing of materials, and protecting human rights. So, if beautiful clothing with a deep aesthetic awareness and environmental conscious is something for you, then look no further than Rino and Pelle. Their faux fur coats alone are both majestic and understated, providing the perfect cloak through which you can present your true personality.

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