One Life

About One Life Clothing

Best known for their summer collections which are made of 100% cotton, One Life Clothes are bringing comfort and style back to the UK. We love this range because it needs so little care and is perfect for a holiday suitcase or ideal as cruise-wear wardrobe. One Life’s collection is figure skimming and comes in a sumptuous range of hot and cool colours. Again, it is designed and made in the UK and is an individual look that is not found on the high street, suiting women of all ages and sizes (up to size 22).

One Life clothes are real clothes for real women, with a stylish twist that is both timeless and current. Forget the banality of the high street and check out our hand-picked collection of One Life clothes, which bring to the forefront everything you could possibly need in a modern collection of comfortable and fashionable clothes.

Crucial to its widespread appeal is the principle that One Life Clothes are made for all women of all ages and sizes. Whether it’s a casual outfit for the beach or a cosy, simple outfit for a relaxing Saturday morning. We are thrilled to present two collections of One Life clothes, offering figure skimming shapes, with breathable fabrics and modern designs. The ultimate clothing choice for year-round comfort and versatile combinations. A stunning look that allows you to express yourself in the unique way that only you can, made in a quintessentially English way. Easy to wear, easy to maintain, and stunningly simple. One Life Clothes from Colmers Hill Fashion.