YaaYaa London

YaaYaa London is a British Jewellery Brand. Founded By Yvonne a gemstone jewellery designer, YaaYaa London is an independent jewellery brand.

Focussed on creating unique and colourful gemstone jewellery, all YaaYaa designs are handmade by a team of close-knit artisans.

Brand Story

After leaving a legal career behind, YaaYaa’s fonder Yvonne found a true passion for semi-precious gemstone jewellery. Inspired by the natural and unique beauty of each stone, Yvonne chose to follow her creative senses and YaaYaa London was born.

Yvonne grew up in London, but her family originate from Ghana, West Africa where people love to make colourful stylish clothes and jewellery with individual patterns.  This colourful African influence is very much present in YaaYaa London’s unique designs and also the brand name itself.  YAA YAA is a Ghanaian name and also Yvonne, the designer’s, initials. Having grown up in London the pairing of the two names was an obvious choice and something close to the brand’s heart. 

Fashion Forward Jewellery

Specialising in the natural gemstone jewellery, showcasing the beautiful, natural and bright colours of the gems themselves. Creating unique gemstone earrings, fashion and cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets, unique gemstone cufflinks and more.  Offering their customers unique and fashion-forward everyday pieces.

Aiming to provide their customers with the best unique range of jewellery choices, most of the rings come in adjustable sizes.

Shop Beautifully Unique Jewellery

As a YaaYaa stockist, Colmers Hill has a range of beautiful ad unique jewellery designs available to shop in-store and online. Shop our full range of beautiful jewellery designs here.

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