Isabel Giotto

About Isabel Giotto

Their almost surrealistic prints are designed by Egidio Renna, an Italian artist who uses a refined colour palette and nostalgic designs and frames flow effortlessly into each other. Their designs are ethical and innovative, which fuses beautiful artistic designs with high-quality fabrics. Classical prints and experimental designs never seem at odds with each other. Instead they combine effortlessly to create iconic Isabel Giotto clothing that engages in constant dialogue between the past and the present.

Isabel Giotto’s pieces are all completely made in Italy, with particular attention paid to contemporary art, design, and fashion. Their focus on “wearable art,” creates beautiful, almost dream-like pieces that are both unique and innovative. Natural and comfortable fabrics help create pieces that, above all, are wearable, which is one of the most important factors behind their success. Their clothes have a futuristic aesthetic that is both sophisticated and cosmopolitan, with a daring flair that lends itself perfectly to a wide variety of occasions.

The Isabel Giotto Dresses are particularly unique, as they combine comfortable and elegant fits with delicate lilac patterns that you will find nowhere else. Because they are made from a flexible stretch fabric, the Isabel Giotto dresses and skirts provide a figure hugging and flattering cut. Perfect for elegant evening wear or special occasions, most of their designs incorporate Art Nouveau inspired prints, combining beautiful colours of pale pink, pale blue, khaki, and sea green.