About Bariloche Clothing

Bariloche Clothing is a brand providing fabulous blazers and shirts with vintage detailing. Buy Bariloche clothing online today at Colmers Hill Fashion.

The Spanish label Bariloche specialises in tailored jackets which are both elegant and classic but also have that wow factor. Beautiful women deserve beautiful jackets and that is what Bariloche provides. Each jacket is beautifully finished and the tweed jackets have velvet or suede trims, embossed buttons combined with fine fabrics and contrasting trims. Pair the jackets with a pair of jeans and heeled boots for a wonderful daytime look or ooze with elegance combined with a pair of tailored trousers.

Bariloche has manufactured women’s clothing in Spain for the last 30 years. The statement jackets produced by Bariloche Clothing are high quality and finished beautifully inside and out. The eclectic mix of fabrics make these jackets a statement piece in any wardrobe.