About Kusan| Knitted Accessories

Kusan is a knitted accessories label based in North London, founded in 2000. After an inspirational trip to Nepal, the creators fell in love with the people, culture, stunning landscapes – and mainly their striking style of knitted clothing. From there they decide to bring a little bit of Nepal back to the UK and Kusan was created.

Over the years Kusan’s reputation has continued to grow from London’s urban streets to chic boutiques across Europe. With a focus in bold colours and vibrant styles, Nepal has remained at the heart of influence for Kusan designs.

Their accessories range has expanded over the years, to now include hats, scarves, woolly handbags, purses and gloves in a number of styles and bold colours, so there is something for everyone at Kusan. All their products are fleece lined and made from 100% wool.

Focussed toward innovation and high quality using only the highest quality materials at affordable prices. Striving to continually create the new ‘‘must-have’ styles.