Owen Barry

About Owen Barry Bags

Whoever said that creating stylish and timeless handbags can’t be done in an environmentally friendly fashion? Owen Barry has been doing it for years, which has resulted in an award-winning line of boutique handbags that is truly timeless.

Every Owen Barry bag is the culmination of years of craftsmanship by over five generations of the Barry family, who have designed and made these beautiful handbags from their traditional Workshop in Somerset since 1948. Owen Barry Bags use locally sourced trimmings and other environmentally friendly materials in a way which is both innovative and beautiful. The specially selected British and European skins and fabrics are all hand cut by expert Local Craftspeople with years of experience. As a result, the attention to detail is unbeatable, and the passion and care with which each Owen Barry bag is made is second to none.

A handbag is something you use daily, which means that quality materials and expert craftsmanship is imperative. With an Owen Barry bag, you have a guaranteed high-quality product with individual touches that are hard to find in boutique stores. A wide range of different materials are available, such as sheepskin, leather, suede & cowhide, which are all treated, developed, and handcrafted into the stylish and unique handbags that Owen Barry are famous for today.

Furthermore, with an Owen Barry bag, you can rest assured that your environmental impact is minimal without having to compromise on the quality of an award-winning handbag that has been hand-made for you and you alone. When it comes to stylishly crafted, responsible sourced handbags, Owen Barry is an absolute fashion leader.

We are big fans of the Owen Barry purse range, as they come in beautiful, shimmering finishes like Titanium, which always seem to compliment formal or evening attire.