Joseph Ribkoff

About Joseph Ribkoff

Joseph Ribkoff is an incredibly famous and reputable global fashion brand. Set up by Joseph Ribkoff himself in 1957, the brand has been pushing innovation in the fashion industry for over 60 years, evolving seamlessly with the times. With stylish designs and beautiful fabrics, their collection is perfect for modern women who lead busy lifestyles.

The brands vision for what clothing could be has developed over the years, but the emphasis on quality and flexibility has remained. Our collection of stylish tops and beautiful dresses reflects the simple elegance of good design, which is why we are thrilled to add these pieces to our growing collection.

Produced completely in Canada, proving that you can make stylish and delicate pieces while still focusing on high-quality materials and designs. His humble origins make the widespread success of his designs even more impressive. The incredible honesty the clothing possess is hard to come by in other fashion brands.