Boho Betty Jewellery

About Boho Betty Jewellery

Boho Betty Jewellery allows women to express their individuality and versatility. Since 2012, Boho Betty have become a global brand that have always excelled at creating a stunning and contemporary array of modern jewellery. From their elegant earrings to unique necklaces and exciting bracelets, their designs are largely inspired by global cultures. This is partly why their range uses a plethora of different materials, textiles, stones and beads, all based on the narratives and traditions of the cultures they have visited.

Their multiculturally inspired designs are perfect for travellers, lovers of vintage, and those wanting to inject some colour and vibrancy into their outfits. Despite their international inspiration, their collections are all designed in the UK, and come coupled with a deep awareness of high-quality materials and unique styles.

By being exciting, innovative, and bold, Boho Betty Jewellery manages to set new trends while staying true to their own design philosophy. For an original, intriguing, wanderlust-inspired take on modern jewellery, look no further than Boho Betty.