DECK by Decollage

About D.E.C.K. by Decollage Trousers

D.E.C.K. by Decollage is one of the UK’s most exciting fashion distributors. Established in 1988 in Fashion City Dublin, D.E.C.K. by Decollage has rapidly transformed into one of the most recognizable and innovative fashion brands, becoming a household name in a truly beautiful way. They stock a variety of different brands, but also have their own line – D.E.C.K. by Decollage. This collection is featured in fashion boutique and high-end stores all over the world, taking their revolutionary vision of what fashion can be overseas.

The D.E.C.K. by Decollage trousers, in particular, have been lauded for years for their incredible fit and multi-functionality, making them the go-to trousers for thousands of women worldwide. D.E.C.K. by Decollage trousers are unique because of their high-waisted style and immensely comfortable and slimming look. For this price, you simply can’t get anything more elegant or stylish.

These super slimming trousers from D.E.C.K by Decollage are a big hit with our customers with many people buying them in several colours because they are so comfortable. Get the right size for you and you won’t need a belt because they are high waisted. They are made from a stretch fabric and have an elastic waist band. They feature a small slit at the cuff of the trouser. The trousers come in sizes 1-6 which is equivalent to sizes 8-18.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, the D.E.C.K. by Decollage head offices even include a wide variety of different showrooms. Browse through our collection of D.E.C.K. by Decollage trousers or have a look at the rest of our exciting fashion brands for more fashion tips and cool ideas.