From My Mother's Garden

About, From My Mother’s Garden

A creative, new fashion label under the charming name From My Mother’s Garden. The label is from the inspiration of our very own Penny Callaghan, owner of Colmers Hill Fashion Boutique.

What sets the range apart is the personal touch and beautiful prints that Penny has created using images taken by her partner, Alistair and inspired by her mother.

Penny explains, “My idea originally came from my Mother asking us to take a series of photos of her small but very pretty garden. She derives such joy from it and so we wanted to capture some of its beauty. When I saw the images, I immediately thought that they could look stunning on fabric because of the colours and so started the idea for the collection”

The beautiful new clothing range, From my Mother’s Garden, will initially include luxury velvet kimonos, lightweight kimonos, a gown and some exclusive leather jackets lined with silk printed with a water reflection.

The collection will play host to a range of reversible kimono styles, patterned with four rich prints including waterlilies, acer, water reflection and hydrangea inspired designs.

“They feel so beautiful to wear and are really quite special with their nature themes.”

The new collection will be available in-store at Colmers Hill and online, with future plans to expand within some selected fashion boutiques around the country.