Colmers Hill Launches From My Mother’s Garden Label

From My Mother's Garden Hydrangea Kimono available on

Colmers Hill Launches From My Mother’s Garden Label

Stepping into, ‘From My Mothers Garden’

With the Virtual Chelsea Flower Show going live this week, we thought what better time to introduce our latest flowering collection. Summer style is in full bloom at Colmers Hill, as we introduce our new floral collection of From My Mothers’ Garden, limited edition kimonos, robes and home scents.

From bright florals and luxury fabrics, this collection is the perfect way to inject some much-needed colour and summer fun into our lives. We can’t wait for you to see this collection in its full flourish and for you to fall as head over heels for it as we have!


So, step into ‘From My Mothers Garden’, with Colmers Hill.


Get to know, ‘From My Mothers Garden’

This beautiful new range of floral kimonos has been specially designed by our very own Colmers Hill owner, Penny Callaghan. After working in the fashion industry for some time, Penny was inspired to step away from the growing fast fashion movement and instead create, what she calls “wearable art”. As a result, Penny has created a beautiful and limited-edition collection of printed robes and kimonos, designed especially for boutiques.


The Inspiration Behind the Collection

This collection is not only very special as Penny’s very first solo collection. But also, particularly sentimental, as the inspiration for the collection grew from Penny’s own mothers garden. This truly personal and one of a kind collection is a beautiful representation of their close mother & daughter bond.


Inspired by the magic of her mother’s small Devon garden. Penny alongside her partner Alistair captured a series of photographs that would go onto bloom into the collection we now see before us. From her mother’s garden has grown this vibrant collection including 5 key signature floral prints.


The 5 Signature Prints

The beautifully rich hand-printed designs capture the vibrant colours from within the magical beauty of nature. This collection oozes rich tones and vibrant contrasting touches, across the 5 signature prints:

From My Mother's Garden Lightweight Kimono Waterlily available on

1.     Waterlily

The beautiful waterlily print comes with a deep green background, accented by crisp white and yellow tones creating the fluid waterlily floral. This rich blend of green tones against the white florals creates a sense of this print flowing across the fabric.

Available in: Short lightweight Kimono & Reversible velvet kimono



From My Mother's Garden Reflections Lightweight Kimono available on

2. Reflections

The reflections print has an exclusive Beech Tree Water Reflection design, which forms an almost Monet-esque abstract pattern. In vibrant gold, oranges and blue hues, this mix of deep and contrasting tones add a sense of luxury and a touch of summer warmth to this design.

Available in: Lightweight kimono, Relaxed long gown & Mid-length kimono



From My Mother's Garden Hydrangea Robe available on

3. Hydrangea

The background of the Hydrangea print is made up deep greens and blacks,  accented by beautifully soft pinks and mauves creating the floral pattern. This design oozes style and it’s effortlessly soft print is classily feminine.

Available in: Short Kimono, Long Robe & Reversible velvet short Kimono.





From My Mother's Garden Magnolia Kimono available on

4. Magnolia

This print incorporates tones of pinks, whites and a vibrant sky blue. This mix of bright and contrasting tones adds a sense of fun and summery warmth to this design. As the bright floral flows across the beautiful bright summer sky.

Available in: Short Lightweight Kimono




From My Mother's Garden Acer Kimono available on

5. Acer

The Acer print brings together a wonderful Acer tree against a stunning blue-sky design. The print incorporates tones of rusts, reds, orange and a contrasting bright blue creating a bold and rich print. This mix of deep and contrasting tones adds a sense of luxury and warmth to this design.

Available in: Short Kimono & Reversible velvet kimono




From every-day styling to special occasions this collection has everything your summer wardrobe needs. From floral prints to vibrant colours, what more could you ask for?

Not only is this collection kind to your wardrobe but also the environment. This hand-crafted collection uses environmentally responsible fabrics and techniques wherever possible. With each of the fabulous floral patterns being created using sublimation printing, which minimises fabric wastage.


A Message from Penny

“For me, it’s about cherishing an item of clothing, valuing it as a work of art in its own right and getting total pleasure from wearing it time and time again. “I hope the colours and vibrancy of the designs will bring as much joy as the inspiration behind them,” says Penny.

Shop the new limited edition From My mother’s Garden here.

Now, this summer ‘From My Mothers Garden’ aren’t just bringing the beauty of the garden to your wardrobes, but also our homes. Inspired by the floral prints created in the collection, From My Mothers Garden have created a range of home scents, so your home can smell as beautiful as you look! From candles to diffusers these relaxing and floral scents are exactly what our lockdown needed. Not only do they smell fantastic, but as they are wrapped in each of the 5 signature prints they look great too! Add a sense of calm to your WFH set up and shop the collection here.


Ps. We hear Penny is already working on some more exciting and fabulous prints, so keep your eyes peeled for more blossoming styles From My Mother’s Garden.


See what Instagram blogger @thatgirlwiththebob has to say about the Magnolia kimono.

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