Summer Tip: Linen Palazzo Trousers!

Summer Tip: Linen Palazzo Trousers!

Linen Palazzo Trousers with a Floral Pattern

It’s that time of the year again. Nothing says summer like wide flowing trousers and beautiful floral patterns. That’s why we absolutely love these linen palazzo trousers. They come in a variety of colours: hot pink, turquoise, white, beige, silver, ink blue and mustard and all have an exotic floral printed design. Their versatility is probably the biggest benefit, as you can wear them with a simple t-shirt or with a loose fit linen top for a casual and relaxed look. They’ve recently received a lot of attention on Down Your High Street and on Social Media, so we thought we would write a short blog about why we love them so much!

The perfect addition to any casual look.

Unique Summer Styling

Loose, trendy, and flattering – these are the ultimate summer trousers, partly because they give you that Mediterranean feel and look that everyone loves. As they are made with natural fabrics, they also look beautifully organic, which means they never appear overly designed or flashy. Plenty of our customers opt for a loose top to create a casual outfit, whereas some like to contrast the billowing palazzo trousers with a tight top, à la Katherine Hepburn.

The floral pattern really adds a summer touch to these linen trousers.

Blast from the past, with a modern twist

Most people will remember Palazzo trousers from the 60s and 70s, but they actually originated in the 1930s and 1940s. While they are a very contemporary trend, they elicited more than just a few frowns and groans from conservative onlookers in the early days. In fact, some women were even barred from certain fancy restaurants for wearing these ‘scandalous’ trousers!

Luckily, things have changed significantly, and women have come to love palazzo trousers for their comfort and style appeal.

Plenty of colours to choose from.


The benefits of linen clothing

The design of palazzo trousers makes them perfect for warm weather climates. However, the only thing that contributes more to their comfort and coolness is the fabric that is used. Linen is a highly breathable material that absorbs perspiration and allows air to circulate between your body and your clothes. This prevents sticky clothing and ensures that you can stay cool whenever it is hot outside.

It is also ideal for women with sensitive skin or those who suffer from hot flushes, as it prevents friction from building up.

This means you will always feel confident, no matter what the weather is.

We got this lovely photo from Charlotte (from Charlotte Grace Pilates) all the way from beautiful Sri Lanka.

Exotic Prints – the new summer trend?

Palazzo trousers come in all sorts of designs and patterns. However, the overwhelming majority of them tend to be in one colour, which is exactly why we are so excited about this design! It incorporates an exotic floral print, which looks set to be a big trend this summer.

Comfort & easy fashion

There’s nothing better than looking stylish and feeling comfy. These long wide trousers have a stretchy jersey high waist band, which you can easily fold over. This means you can adjust the length of the trousers, which means you can match it to your footwear! Perfect for lounging around, going to the beach, or even for a summer’s day at the office – it’s hard to go wrong with something that looks so timeless.

Other Options

If the floral designs are a little too bold for you, why not try these sandwich linen trousers? They aren’t as wide as the palazzo trousers but definitely still have that lovely feel, which make them the perfect addition to any summer outfit.

Get your pair today!

While they come across as chic and elegant, there’s nothing easier than these Palazzo trousers. They are machine washable and come in one size (10-16), sparing you the headache of having to try them on. Plus, the adjustable jersey waist band means that you can always customise your outfit as you see fit. Find out more about them here.