New Summer Collection for Scandi Label Ralston

Linda Ralston talks about her clothing collection for Spring Summer 2020 and Colmers Hill Fashion Boutique shows off its collection as it re-opens its doors after lockdown

New Summer Collection for Scandi Label Ralston

Meet the designer, Linda Ralston, in our latest short film which launches the Spring Summer 2020 collection of the Scandinavian designer label.

Penny, owner of Colmers Hill Fashion Boutique, introduces the popular clothing label and explains why she loves the label and has stocked it for a number of years. The new collection is now in-store for the re-opening of the boutique after months of being closed because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

20 years of Design Excellence

Ralston clothing was created by Linda Ralston Ooms, a Sweedish fashion designer, over 20 years ago. Linda created Ralston clothing with a desire to create stylish fashion pieces that wear as comfortable as they were fabulous.

Fashion Should be Easy

Ralston Fashion is a modern brand and always emphasizes how easy it should be to wear clothes. With comfort at the heart of the brand, Linda has garnered quite the reputation for stepping away from uncomfortable and fussy accessories. In favour of more relaxed, playful, and – above all – FUN clothing.

But make no mistake! Despite the casual nature of Ralston Clothing, their designs Ralston fashion designs mean business. All Ralston designs are made from high-quality materials that are both durable, incredibly low maintenance and multi-purpose. Meaning you can enjoy these fabulous designs for years to come. Guilt-free fashion? What more could you ask for?

Natural shapes and comfortable fabrics are at the heart of Ralston Fashion aesthetic. Not only does this make for easy to wear stylish fashion, but also versatile style options. With a range of sizes and styles available, Ralston leaves room for each individual’s creative touch. This relaxed style is ideal for layering and loose-fitting silhouettes, while also leaving room for each style to be tailored to your unique style. Leaving your wardrobe with a vastly expanding range of outfits, perfect for any occasion.

Simply Beautiful

Ralston designs are the definition of less is more. The relaxed shapes combine with playful colours to create stand-alone show-stopping looks. Simply beautiful, without the need for accessories or extras! From cute and playful Ralston dresses to colourful and adventurous tops, our carefully curated selection of Ralston Clothes offers everything you need for affordable and accessible prices.

The Ralston Dresses are a particular favourite of ours. With their bold patterns, they are a fantastic option for casual daytime wear. Flexible and versatile, they are a perfect addition to a travel or holiday wardrobe.

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