Read about our recent fashion show!

Read about our recent fashion show!

We recently had the pleasure of organising a Fashion Show at  Symondsbury Estate’s Manor Yard. Set in the early evening, the attendees spent several hours enjoying dinner in Symondsbury Kitchen and running through various contemporary styles and themes that are particularly on-trend in the Autumn / Winter season. With some 60 ladies attending, and a fantastic ensemble of talented models, there was plenty to show off– so let’s get to work!

The beauty of putting on a fashion show

First off, let’s set the scene. The best thing about putting on a fashion show is that it really does bring the clothes and the styles to life. It’s all well and good seeing clothes on a hanger, but it’s only when you put them on that you really notice how unique something can be. Plus, it allows you to show off how you can combine different pieces and style certain clothes and what can suit different body shapes. If anything, it’s an opportunity for people to show off their creativity and boldness in an almost experimental environment.

That’s also why we showcased models of all shapes, sizes, and ages – just to prove how versatile and personal clothing can be with a bit of clever styling!

Injecting your dark winter days with a bit of colour

One of the themes we explored was ‘not just black and brown,’ an attempt to show just how colourful winter clothing really can be. With striking and playful splashes of colour, like with our Tinta printed top or our Rant & Rave floral printed jump suit, you can add some exciting variation to more traditional winter colours, like grey and black. We also showed how winter white can be an elegant solution to a drab and dreary day – a perfect way to inject a bit of variation and class into your wardrobe.

Velvet is back with a vengeance and is one of the biggest trends this winter. Myti, which used to be Myrine by Me, underwent an extensive rebrand, and their new ultra-feminine, comfort-focused, and elegant collection is full of velvet classics. The Myti mustard velvet dress is a particular highlight, as this colour is fabulously elegant and can be worn as either a dress or a tunic. So too is the Myti Navy Velvet Tunic, which one of our models selected as her ‘models’ choice,’ an interesting feature of our show which gave our models the opportunity to select their favourite outfit and style and showcase it to our audience. It was great to see so much input from our models, as it really brought a lot of personality to the show.

Another huge trend that we highlighted was the modesty dress, which refers to a higher neckline, longer sleeves and generally, a longer length. Our Soaked in Luxury Polka Dot Maxi Shirt Dress was a real eyecatcher, as it can be styled in a variety of different ways, making it both flexible and unique.

Leather is, as it has been for countless years, another strong trend this season, but the beauty is that there’s lots of fantastic substitutes for people who don’t want the real thing. Our Sandwich Pleather leggings, for example, have proven to be a huge hit, and provide so many options for elegant eveningwear that you’ll be feeling comfortable and glamourous in no time. Plus, these items will keep you feeling warm and cosy on a cold winter’s day.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to summarise the whole night as there were just so many gorgeous styles and outfits on display. We explored everything from relaxed and casual to evening wear, and glamorous statement pieces. No matter what your tastes and style choices are, our fashion show proved that there’s always a million different ways to get there!

We chose a variety of different models of different heights, sizes, and ages – just to emphasize that styling has more to do with how you wear it and doesn’t just depend on what you wear. Ultimately, it’s the way clothing makes you feel that makes it special and unique. We hope anyone who attended our fashion show agreed and we simply can’t wait for the next one – see you then ladies!