How to look Glam in the Party Season

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How to look Glam in the Party Season

How to look Glam in the Party Season

by Penny, owner of Colmers Hill Fashion Boutique /


Christmas do’s, family reunions and New Year’s celebrations – there’s always a reason to look glam during the party season. For some, this is the only time of the year when you can truly enjoy dressing up and having a bit of fun with what you wear. With so many events, parties, and special occasions around the corner, we thought we would run through a couple of top tips for looking Glam this party season. And, just to make things a little more interesting, I’ve asked Faye from The Shed Hair & Beauty Boutique (our neighbours at Symondsbury Estate) and Lindsay Punch, a stylist and image consultant in the Dorset area, to help shed some light on how to look as glam as you can. Read on for the inside scoop!

  1. Plan for the occasion and shop accordingly

Penny: There’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed, underdressed or out of place. Make sure to think carefully about the type of occasion it is and how much time you have to get ready. For example, if you are rushing somewhere after work, find a day to evening outfit that can be embellished with a pair of heels, some fabulous jewellery, an amazing lipstick and a glitzy handbag. Sometimes the plainest dress can look amazing with these finesses and can even save you having to bring your whole wardrobe with you to get changed.

  1. Make sure to time out and get your rest

Faye: It’s time to eat, drink and be merry, but all that fun can take its toll. Sometimes it can be important to revive your look from head to toe, so you can avoid the seasonal slump. Our skin regenerates most at night whilst we sleep – we don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. So make sure to get plenty of rest (zzzz) if you want to look and feel your best during the holiday season.

  1. Get creative with accessories

Lindsay: Accessories are the most transformative thing you can have in your wardrobe if you have simple clothes. One delicate piece may not turn heads but layering shorter necklaces with longer chains or stacking bracelets can make a real statement. Arm parties are a real thing! Armfuls of bangles are a modern day trend and can be equally distributed on both arms or just one. Keep complimentary colours together, start with thicker cuffs or wrap bracelets and finish with the smallest strands at the wrists. These work when starting with a classic, solid base, such as a cashmere sweater or silk shirt.

  1. Get Colourful

Penny: Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Yellows and mustards are really on trend and whereas a few years ago, people feared these colours, sales have gone through the roof because it can look so striking. Our Yavi Aruni silk tunic looks fabulous when paired with our wide leg Myti Punk trousers in Fennel, for example.

  1. Know your most flattering accessory colours

Lindsay: When it comes to accessory colours, different metals and gemstones flatter different skin tones. Pinky/blue and cool toned skin is vibrant in silver and yellow/olive and warm toned skin is complimented with gold. Having said that, if you have a metallic preference, then go with what you love. If you are not sure if you are a warm or cool, mixing metals is seriously chic. However, having a professional colour analysis with a stylist will always help you feel confident in colour.

  1. Look after you locks!

Faye: Hair can become limp, dry, and stressed in cold weather and hot rooms. We suggest using Davines Nourishing Building Pak twice a week for a deep condition to make sure your hair looks vibrant and alive!

  1. Learn all the tricks of the trade

Penny: Sometimes, a little imagination and fashion expertise can go a long way. For example, wearing shapewear to smooth out your silhouette is a great way to look and feel as elegant as possible.

  1. Get a mani!

Faye: Gel nails can last from Christmas Eve all the way through to New Year’s Eve without chipping or damaging your nails. A great way to look top notch without spending your whole Christmas at the nail salon!

  1. Stay Warm

Penny: The last thing you want when you’ve got exciting plans is to have to cancel because you’re ill. Stay warm and stylish with a range of funky and classy accessories that can add a cute and playful touch to any wardrobe. The Powder Beanies are a perfect way to add a bit of zing and Christmas cheer to your outfit coming in gorgeous, yet subtle shades of camel, pink, and green. Who ever said cosy can’t be glam?! And trust me, there’s nothing glam about sniffling away in the corner…

  1. Add decadence!

Lindsay: When in doubt, it is easy to reach for a little black dress or throw on an all black ensemble which can be sleek and elegant. However, flat fabrics in monochrome colours can be pretty uninspiring. Add decadence to your outfit by mixing textures. Think leather, lace, satin, sequins and velvet. Leather skirts or trousers can be pieces you can take from day (think soft, cosy cashmere) to night when you add lace or sequin tops finished with boucle jackets or faux fur coats. Textured classic styles are items that have longevity in your wardrobe throughout the winter, while also adding panache to your outfit that works for all ages.

  1. Lashes are life!

Faye: Perfecting those lashes can take a while to get right. That’s why I always recommend instant ready-to-go party lashes by having a lash lift or extensions.

  1. Start from the bottom

Penny: Normally people start with a top or a dress and work their way down to their shoes and accessories. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to wear, sometimes it’s a good idea to do the whole process in reverse. These leather heeled ankle boots from Felmini, for example, have got Christmas Party written all over them. Once you’ve decided what shoes or heels you want to wear, you’ll probably find that this leaves you with a smaller selection of what goes well together. Hopefully, this means the rest will simple fall into place (fingers crossed)!

  1. Luxe with a Tuxe!

Lindsay: For an elegant, timeless and effortless style, invest in a tuxedo blazer. It adds just the right amount of glitz without being over the top. It’s perfect for throwing on over tailored trousers, mini or midi skirts and jumpsuits. When you’re ready to hang up your dancing shoes, you can pair it with light jeans, a tee and sneakers and you’ll have a perfectly put together casual look.

  1. Keep your skin moisturised!

Faye: The winter can be harsh on your skin. Invest in a good cream and make sure you keep well hydrated to maintain a healthy glow. Remember that your skin has different needs from other people, so pop in for a chat if you need some more advice about which cream is best you. I also recommend exfoliating if you want to revive dull and dry skin.

  1. Sparkle and shine

Lindsay: Sequins are for life, not just for Christmas! It’s easy to save your sparkle for special occasions, but these glitzy pieces are simply fabulous and shouldn’t be left hanging unworn in your wardrobe. Don’t save your best for best and always dress like you’re going somewhere better later. That way you’ll get value from the pieces you’ve invested in when you look at pound per wear! Sequin skirts can easily be paired with knitwear, opaque tights and boots for a polished day look. Remember: looking polished can still be comfortable!

  1. Velvets & Metallics!

Penny: There are plenty of sumptuous velvets and metallics to choose from this year. Dresses like the Savannah from Soaked in Luxury is a stunning dress for an evening party and the Rino & Pelle metallic biker jackets can glam up any outfit. Velvet tops and tunics from Myti by Myrine come in some gorgeous colours and also feel amazing to wear.

  1. Fake it till you make it!

Faye: Nothing makes you feel and look better than a tan, but we know that the UK winter weather isn’t exactly ideal for soaking up some sun rays! We’ve got you covered, literally, for just £20!

  1. Don’t go overboard

Penny: While it’s always great to look and feel amazing, you probably want to feel comfortable on Christmas Day. Luckily, there are still some glam options that can be really easy and comfortable to wear. For example, a jump suit can be a great and simple option, which means you can focus your time and energy on the people you care about. Wearing a Luella sparkly star jumper is also a great way to bring out that ultra-relaxed look. Oh, and did I mention they’re cashmere? Super comfortable and warm, there’s simply nothing better than cashmere on a cold winter day.

  1. Be Bold!

Faye: Pick a daring red lippy that you’ve probably always wanted to try but haven’t yet. After all, it is Christmas and there’s nothing classier than an elegant dress and some red lipstick.

  1. Have fun and be yourself!

Penny: My last tip is probably my most important one. I often hear some of our customers worrying about not dressing appropriately for their age or feeling out of place. However, it’s important that we enjoy wearing what we wear and that feel like we can express ourselves. After all, if you can’t have fun with fashion at Christmas, when can you?! You can (and will, trust me) look fabulous and festive if you wear the right clothes that bring out your true inner personality. Make sure to get in touch if you have any questions about any of this – me, Lindsay and Faye are always happy to help anyone look their best in the festive season!

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