How to buy good gifts

Owen Barry Silver Clutch Bag by Colmers Hill Fashion

How to buy good gifts

How to buy good gifts

8 ways to make sure that your fashion gifts don’t end up at the charity shop

I know that the last thing you need is another blog telling you what to buy for Christmas. This blog is more focused on the process itself and how you buy the right gift for someone. We’ll show that buying a good gift doesn’t have to be a lucky dip or a risky lottery. Instead, there’s a couple of great ways that you can guarantee your gift won’t end up at the charity shop or worse, back at the store you bought it from…

Read on to discover this tried and tested advice, complete with a few examples to help you along the way!

Enjoy the Experience Gifts

Sometimes giving an experience can be so much more appreciated, whether it is something you can do together or give to them as a special treat they can enjoy all to themselves. For example, we run styling masterclasses at different times of the year, with one arranged before Christmas at Symondsbury Estate on 7 December 2018 and this can make a great gift and a bit of fun.  Another scenario that some of our customers have enjoyed is to have a group shopping session at Colmers Hill Fashion with a glass or two of prosecco, followed by a relaxing treatment at The Shed Hair & Beauty Boutique which is right next door to us. If you want us to help set something up, just get in touch.

Go for the ‘safe’ option

We know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but sometimes it’s good to play it safe when it comes to gifts. Usually, people worry about sizing and styling, so there’s a couple of classics that almost always hit the spot. Faux fur coats are one of these. Not only are they timeless and stylish, but they are warm, functional, and made with extreme attention to detail and quality. They are really on trend right now as well, making them a hip contemporary choice that goes with just about any style – think Boho, but also chic evening wear. Our personal favourite? The new Rino & Pelle Silver Grey Faux Fur Coat, which puts a modern twist on a timeless classic.

Our other big tip is to go back to the basics – especially jumpers. The Luella cashmere jumpers are both playful and unique, allowing you to give a present that is stylish without being boring. Plus, they feel AMAZING, so they’re the perfect gift for the cold winter months. Even traditionally ‘boring, items’ like socks, hats, scarves, and gloves can end up being exciting if you put the right spin on it. Take a look at our fabulous glitter socks for example!

Accessories are the way to go!

This brings us on to our next point: accessories. You can never have too much of them, and while they may feel incomplete on their own, they definitely make a lovely package when you throw them all together. Plus, by giving a few smaller accessories as a gift, you remove the added pressure of giving just one item. A few smaller items add up to quite a nice gift, especially as each one adds their own special and unique touch. If there’s one thing accessories teach us, it’s that functional can also be stylish.

Powder Accessories are the best place to look for these and can be complimented nicely by Envy Jewellery. The beauty of these accessories is that you can add a lot of variety to your wardrobe just by adding a few bits and bobs. A cute Powder Beanie, for example, can round off any winter outfit, whereas a couple of designer socks are the perfect gift for someone who looks forward to cosy nights by the open fire!

Don’t forget about handbags either, as it’s always nice to have different styles that go with different outfits.

Ask for a Wishlist

Wish lists may seem slightly childish, but they are a great way of making the whole process just that little bit easier. Plus, it means that you’ve always got a couple of things to choose from and it’s a great way to understand what styles someone is looking for. With a little bit of creativity and inventiveness, you can surprise someone with items that would compliment these nicely.

Independent boutiques like Colmers Hill Fashion not only offer a wishlist service but will happily help you find items to compliment. So if you know a friend or partner loves a particular boutique, why not ask them to go and set up a wishlist. You can bet they will be delighted!

Check returns policies

This is also a big one. Always make sure to check what the returns policies of shops are, as this will give you a bit of a safety net should your gift not go down as well as you thought it would. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though!

Gift Voucher

This could also be classed as a ‘boring’ option, but it almost always works out. Giving someone a gift voucher offers them the flexibility to really find that unique piece which really appeals to them. It also gives someone the opportunity to look forward to a bit of shopping, which is always a fun way to spend the dark and dreary days leading up to Blue Monday! We’ve got gift vouchers ranging from £20 to £250 – the perfect way to ensure that your gift is the right one.


Give a gift with a story

There’s nothing nicer than giving a gift that really means something. By giving a unique piece that has its own story and narrative, you infuse the gift with a more sentimental value. Sometimes, this can be as important as the gift itself, as it shows that you’ve really taken the time to find a gift that really matches someone’s unique personality.

For example, Owen Barry bags use locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves eco-friendly fashion. Furthermore, the workmanship involved in the production process is second to none, ensuring that this gift will find a special place in anyone’s wardrobe for years to come.

If you really want to go for colourful, bold, and unique, look no further than Yavi, a clothing studio that combines the indigenous and ancient craft of textile making with both modern and classical art, creating soulful products which are woven from the fabric of dreams. Gorgeous pieces, all handcrafted, made using oriental manufacturing techniques that are unique to each piece. What more could you want!?

Get personal style advice

At the end of the day, each one of us is a unique individual with unique tastes. It can be hard to find something for everyone, but that’s why we’re here. A boutique fashion store offers you all the personal advice that will ensure you find the right gift for anyone. If you’re on the fence or not too sure what you should go for, we’ll help you narrow it down and explore all the possible options. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about styles or gift ideas as we have years of experience in providing the right gifts for special occasions.