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Godske Clothing

Set up by Egon and Agnethe Godskesen in 1970, Godske clothing has become a real driver in innovative and contemporary fashion. The Danish brand, whose head offices are still located in the small town of Sunds, has a knack for producing great-fitting and comfortable clothes for everyday-wear and festive occasions.

Godske clothing offers trendy, stylish clothing for fashion-conscious women over 30 – all crafted and designed to an unbeatable quality standard that has its roots in over 45 years of fashion history. All their clothes are made in special, purpose-built production facilities which use only the finest materials and adhere to their own strict manufacturing guidelines.

Godske is particularly well known for their perfectly fitting clothes and have strived to guarantee that their sizing and fitting is coordinated and standardized to make your fashion journey easier. This ensures that once you find a style you love, it will work for you for as long as you need it to. No more unexpected size changes or annoying style discrepancies!

Make sure to check out our gorgeous Godske dresses, which feature intricate abstract patterns and prints that have proven incredibly popular. These highly-sought after dresses, like with the rest of their beautiful collection, have been created by their own professional designers and tailors, who take the time to ensure that your Godske dress lives up to their dependable standards.

Despite the fact that Godske has grown into a widely recognized International fashion brand, they have remained a family run business that puts quality, innovation, and beautiful designs ahead of everything else.