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Felmini Boots

Founded in 1973, Felmini is a Portugese Women’s footwear company with an international reputation and global allure. Intrinsically unique and inherently feminine, Felmini is a contemporary brand for the modern woman, offering something for everyone. Sophisticated, independent, and adventurous, Felmini shoes, and in particular Felmini Boots, have become synonymous with exploration and vision.

Over more than 40 years, Felmini has been both ahead of the times and with the times. Handmade shoes, each crafted with an indistinguishable attention to detail and superior craftmanship, using the finest natural leather, means that you always get a fantastic product each and every time. Furthermore, each Felmini shoe is completely unique, but always adheres to two strict laws: ‘comfort is king’ and ‘endurance is law.’

Felmini boots are characterised by their unique nature and the finer details, meaning that they are often a cherished part of any woman’s wardrobe. By taking lifestyle footwear to new and exciting places, Felmini boots are not just on trend; they set the rend. The brand’s symbol is a butterfly, which symbolises the intricate metamorphosis of each collection and shoe. With each butterfly being unique, so too is each Felmini design, as each one undergoes a slightly different transformation along the way.

Felmini boots are unique and visionary, just like each woman. The Felmini Woman enjoys expressing herself independently with a freedom that is represented within her style. Whether its timeless brand classics or innovative new designs, Felmini boots always bring a special something that always enhances your outfit and brings out the independent spirit within each woman. Felmini’s rustic boots are unlike any other collection out there and create a subtle ‘worn’ and vintage look that just can’t be found anywhere else. Better still: they age magnificently, thanks to Felimin’s commitment to quality and durability.

Felmini boots – for the adventurer in every woman.