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Desigual Clothes

Desigual dress people, not bodies. That is and always has been their most important design philosophy. Desigual clothes have the incredible ability to transform your outfits from something generic into something highly personal and unique.

Desigual is the brainchild of Thomas Meyer who, at the young age of 20, envisaged a future in which people dressed in a different way. He wanted all people to be able to experience the joy of affordable clothing that emitted a real positive energy. Crucial to this was the requirement that the clothing promote positivity, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation, and fun. This spurned him to start Desigual, which is now more than 30 years old, and is a well-respected and recognised brand across the world.

Each year, new Desigual clothes are created in riveting new collections, which are all built around a centralised theme and concept. Despite their world-famous brand name and acclaimed fashion status, they have remained humble and true to the original ethos which the brand was founded upon. Never compromising and always fun and playful, Desigual Clothes always suprirses with their elegant and stylish designs, complimented by their trademark committment high-quality and fair prices.