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Bohemia Clothing

Bohemia is a Scandinavian clothing brand which combines a creative boho chic with femininity. Founded in 1989 by Marie Branderyd and Ludo Stor, this is a fashion label that likes to have fun, that likes to create unusual and distinctive looks, that loves playing with colour and prints and creating unusual silhouettes and stylish cuts. All the things we love at Colmers Hill Fashion wrapped up into one playful, gorgeous design philosophy – Bohemia Clothing is truly one of our favourites.

It goes without saying that we are thrilled and delighted to be one of Bohemia's official UK stockists. Our new Bohemia clothing collection brings a range of skirts, tops, knits and coats that are already a hit with our local customers. With beautiful curves and luscious materials, Bohemia Clothing manages to supersede expectations every time they release a new collection.
Bohemia is a modern brand for the modern woman. They are committed to creating distinctive and unique clothes that allow you to bring a bit of fun back into your wardrobe. Who sad Chic can’t be playful and feminine? If you’re looking for something inspired by eastern traditions, western trends, with a colourful melange of colours, fabrics, and materials, then look no further than Bohemia.
Shop Bohemia Clothing from Colmers Hill Fashion. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions about our collections or for personalised style advice. 

Bohemia = Nordic, bohemian, feminine, romantic, quirky, personal, individual, affordable & fabulous!”