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A Postcard from Brighton

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Postcard from Brighton

A Postcard from Brighton is a capsule collection of cool looking jersey and knits that can be worn by anyone, anytime, anywhere. A Postcard from Brighton clothing takes you effortlessly through your day and into the night ensuring you look and feel amazing whatever you have planned. The go-to brand for laid-back casual wear.

Born from passion and inspired by the crazy eclectic 24 hour culture that is Brighton, A Postcard From Brighton produces 6 collections a year ensuring there is always something temptingly fashion fresh to make you look and feel delightfully delicious. This also makes A Postcard from Brighton one of those brands that is perfect for any time of the year and will grow with you. 

A Postcard From Brighton is not only designed in the UK but is actually made in the England too, a rarity these days! The clever people at A Postcard From Brighton use a unique vintage process which gives all their pieces a wonderful softness and look. Their styles are distinctive and instantly recognisable if you're a fan and once you've owned a piece, you definitely want more.. A Postcard from Brighton have pledged to keep the UK textiles industry alive, and to have as small a carbon footprint as possible. The clothes not only feel gorgeous, but they are super ethical too. These are just some of a reason why A Postcard from Brighton quickly develops into your favourite brand, no matter what your tastes are. Who says ethical and sustainable can't be beautiful too?

Shop A Postcard from Brighton clothing from Colmers Hill Fashion - all hand-picked pieces from a simply delightful collection of modern clothes with a vintage feel.